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The 伯克希尔STEM网络 是a的乘积吗 国家资助的项目 to connect regional schools, and businesses for the improvement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and work force development within our community.

There are 9 regional STEM Networks across Massachusetts, all aimed at strengthening their region's STEM Network. Berkshire County's STEM Network is currently based in MCLA's Feigenbaum Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) building.

现任STEM经理:博士. Ann Billetz,




  1. Support student academic achievement in STEM subjects in order to prepare them for college and/or careers in critical STEM job sectors, including healthcare, technology, and engineering.
  2. Provide accessibility to the STEM Library, housed in MCLA's Feigenbaum Center for Science and Innovation. 这是一个免费图书馆 designed to support anyone interested in STEM education with a variety of materials, 从教科书到bug工具包. 
  3. Partner with local businesses, educational and cultural institutions, and others who are passionate about enriching the STEM network of Berkshire County.

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