Lawn in front of Murdock Hall 和 Smith House

入学 & 援助


MCLA is full of diverse, talented, 和 creative faculty, staff, 和 students. 加入 our community 和 learn from our 世界级的教授, gain experience with 实习s, see the world with 出国留学, 和 make life-long connections with our faculty, staff, 和 fellow students.

We strive to enroll qualified students from all over the country, who exhibit the potential for academic 和 personal growth, 和 will benefit from a liberal arts education.

  • MCLA offers powerful results. Our alumni work in exciting careers all over the world 和 study at prestigious universities both here 和 abroad. 看看 他们的故事.
  • 我们在 80个学习项目 in the liberal arts, humanities, 和 sciences offer a varied 和 interesting education for the multi-faceted student.
  • Our 12:1 student to faculty ratio 和 average class size of 18 allows for personalized 和 direct access to our amazing professors.
    over 50 clubs, activities, 和 organizations 和 13 Division III sports, there is always something to do 和 be involved in.
  • 各种各样的 出国留学, 实习, 以社区为基础的学习研究的机会 allow our students to gain valuable real-world experience. 
  • Our community is one of a kind. We are located in the city of North Adams in the beautiful 伯克希尔,投了其中一票 15 Best Cities for Creative 20-Somethings by 麦克风.

MCLA operates on a rolling admission basis for both our Fall 和 Spring semesters. Our Early Action deadline is December 1st. To ensure the maximum amount of 金融援助 和 scholarships, we encourage students to apply before our priority deadline of March 1st.

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